Wave 1: 7:30am

Wave 2: 7:45am 
Wave 3: 8:00am 
Wave 4: 8:15am


12k Participants must take event shuttles to start area. YOU MUST BE PRE-REGISTERED AND HAVE A BIB NUMBER TO GET ON THE SHUTTLE BUS. There are no post-race shuttles.

BUS SHUTTLES TO START FROM SAN FRANCISCO: Buses leave from Aquatic Park beginning at 6:00 am. You must arrive by 7:30 am to ensure a seat on the bus.

BUS SHUTTLES TO START FROM SAUSALITO: Buses will leave from downtown Sausalito between 6:30am and 7 am. Bus pick-up will be located at Bridgeway and Princess.

Buses board on a first come, first serve basis regardless of your starting wave. You are encouraged to arrive early if you are in waves one or two.