This is happening. We’re taking this event back in time. Unlike Back to the Future, where we’re going…there ARE roads. And they were meant to be run. The 2014 415k is throw back; split shorts, no gadgets, no frills, tons of thrills… and a beer garden. Somewhere in the middle you will run a 5k or compete in the Miracle Mile.

Welcome to Marin, home of hot tubbers, trail runners, mountain bikers, lentil loaves, and the Dipsea. Run 5k, walk 5k, dance 5k, and take in the North Bay as you finish in downtown San Rafael.

We’re swapping post-race recovery drinks for a free beer, music marathons for a dude on his lawn with a big speaker, and compression gear for tube socks. Get on board, cause we’re going back in time to the glory days of road running.